prayers for Jaime

I've been out of contact lately only because we made some changes on the base to our internet system and my computer is rebelling against it.  So i'm officially offline at the moment.  I'm praying someone can help me get it back online but for now this is the first time i've been online since Tuesday early morning.  Anyway, on to Jaime.

He had been doing great great!  Gaining weight and eating everything by bottle and he even got his IV out and was only taking oral antibiotics, but sometime between Thursday and today (Saturday) he took a little turn for the worse.  He has a really low blood count (hematocrit) at the moment and so it is causing him to have trouble breathing.  It's bad enough that they drew blood this morning with the possibility of giving him a transfusion.  This creates an even bigger problem over here because of the greater risk it poses to contract other diseases through inadequately scanned blood.  I'm praying that God does a miracle and he won't need the blood or for a really safe and quick administration of the blood as he wasn't looking to happy today.  They didn't have him on oxygen yet though, so they still have another step if they need it.  They put in an IV today and started back IV antibiotics for something more powerful.  He's still at 1.5 kg and in the incubator.  They did an HIV test when he was admitted and it was positive which just means that his mom was positive and he was exposed to the virus.  They have put him on prophylaxis as well....so he's taking AZT twice a day to hopefully help prevent transmission, but since it was just started, nearly a month after birth, it won't have the same effect.  I have some adorable pics we've managed to sneak and take this week, but until I have enough time on the internet, you'll just have to wait!  

Please pray for Jaime to get stronger and healthier with each and every passing day.  Pray for wisdom for his medical team that is taking care of him.  I'll update again when i know more and can get back online!  Thanks for all the prayers that have been sent up on his behalf so far.

In other news we have had 2 other admits......i still haven't been able to post about them (internet problem) so just get ready for some serious cuteness!  

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