Jaime update

The baby house directors went to see Jaime in the hospital yesterday (Monday) and he's looking a little worse to when I saw him Saturday.  They have now put a feeding tube in his mouth to give him food directly into his belly.  He's not taking any bottles cause he's too tired.  They did do a blood transfusion but he's not much better.  He doesn't have a nasal cannula for oxygen yet though.  They said he was working a bit to breathe still.  They lost his IV again and so have just opted for oral antibiotics.  Even the nurse said he has gone really down hill from when he entered the hospital.  He was at 1.56 kg (almost 3.5 lbs) and still in the incubator on Saturday when I saw him.  Please pray for this little guy, the medical team taking care of him, and his father! 
I'm still having internet problems so I can't update as often or get those pics up yet, but I'm praying soon so you can meet our two newest members of the bercario (nursery) as well as see where Jaime is hanging out for the time being!

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Ademar Oliveira de Lima said...

Estive por aqui apreciando um pouco o seu trabalho!! Abraços Ademar!!