Jaime looks better

I got to see Jaime today!!!  Little cutie.  Myself, another missionary, and my friend Emily headed into town today to visit him at our 30 minute window of opportunity once a day.  I was for sure, since they told me only one visitor, that only one of us could see him and that I wouldn't get to touch him in his incubator.  But, the nurse immediately told us to just gown up and go on in to see him.  Then left us alone at his bedside.  I pulled out his chart and started searching through it.  I was excited to see that they do a full system assessment every day and actually write it down in his chart.  This is quite a difference to any other unit I've seen here.  He's on their version of TPN (which is just liquid nutrition-not just clear IVF's but essentially lots of things he needs to grow!).  The nurse told me he was eating really well by bottle, but clearly if he needs supplemental nutrition by IV's then he's not eating all that great (or at least enough to sustain him and gain weight)!  I do have to say that he looks amazing to when we left him on Thurs.  So I think the antibiotics are working.  I would have touched and held him a little but I hadn't washed by hands and he was sleeping so well, I honestly didn't want to make him any worse off....maybe next time.  I'm excited and blessed that we found this gem of a unit and I pray it will be what keeps him alive and really helps him.  It definitely has the potential too.  He's on multivitamins and several antibiotics right now.  I guess since he's not on bililights (there was another kid on them in the unit) that his level was ok an in all honestly he didn't look too jaundiced today!  Praise the Lord, he seems to be getting better bit by bit.  Keep him and his father in his prayers.  His father has to travel 1 hr each way on buses to come see him so won't be able to see him but a few times a week and only during a 30 minute window.  Continue praying for the doctors and nurses to have wisdom in treating him and that they are compassionate and treat him like a baby without a mother since that what he is.  He still needs love and touch too!  I'll keep the updates coming as I know them!

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