Addie update and Children's Day!

My camera ran out of batteries TWICE.  cause I forgot to charge them....opps.  and then I tried to use stupid mozambican batteries that lasted litterally 2 minutes....believe me, that was NOT an exaggeration.  So after the 2nd set, I just gave up and had others take pictures for me.  So until I charge my camera batteries there will be no pictures from today!  sad.  I know.  sorry.  I'm really sorry for me too!  but a few of my friends said they got some good pics so I'll just steal them later!  We all had a lot of fun today and ate a really yummy chicken dinner.  and they had caffeine for dinner.  so I'm sure they have crashed in their beds right about....5 minutes ago!  stay tuned for photos!
I got an update from the tia that was with Addie over the weekend.  Addie is not looking good.  She's still in the baixa (critical care).  They had to put her in a oxi-hood which is just a plastic box that they pump oxygen into and place over her head with a hole for her neck.  The tia used her phone to take a short video and addie is retracting to her backbone all frail and sad.  The report I got tonight was just that she was not at all good.  Besides this I don't know anything else.  Please continue praying for Addie!  She's her most critical at this moment.  They do have the ability to put her on a ventilator if they need to but I'm not sure if they would or not.  Let's just keep praying she gets better and better instead of worse and worse!  Thanks for standing with us!

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