Dionisio update

We’ll the good news is I saw the first smile, coo, and giggle out of Dionisio that I have seen in at least 2 weeks!  The bad news is he’s not really eating still.  The most I’ve gotten him to take all day is less than an ounce with a syringe…so it’s down the tube it all goes.  We are now on every 4 hour feeds and all milk (no more mastura).  His eyes aren’t sunken anymore and his fontanel is barely sunk so all in all we’re doing more for him here than the stupid hospital has done.  We still are trying to decide what we are going to do with him come Monday…prob. nothing cause it’s a holiday (which is also probably the reason they discharged him).  He finally decided to wake up this afternoon (from 6 am till 1pm he was only up for a total of 1.5….he’s 8.5 months old!!!)  and he’s been a little more playful so that’s good news…but it might also be the scheduled Tylenol I decided to institute every 6-8 hours last night around midnight when he kept stirring in his crib and I couldn’t get any sleep!  We’d both really appreciate lots of prayers soon.  As we still don’t know exactly what his problem is (besides the current pneumonia which seems to always be coming and going) so I’m treating him like a heart baby…restricting his fluids and fortifying his formula with lots of extra calories and letting him gets lots of rest!  As for me,  I probably only got around 4 hours of sleep last night, have been up since 5:30 am, was in the baby house all day but for 4 hours literally from 7a-7p, Dionisio’s sleeping in the next room and I’ve got the baby house again all day tomorrow!  Pray for rest and lots of productive sleep for me….healing and wisdom in treatment and diagnosis for him.  I’ll keep you updated!  Thanks for all the prayers and concerns!

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