Mozambique's got talent

We had a talent show for all the kids on the center last night. They really enjoyed it. All the dorms were represented except for the BH (cause they were sleeping of course). This was the preliminaries only. One group from each camarata is yet to be announced and will advance on to the finals where even the missionaries will perform something (suggestions please??) The kids were so creative. There was dancing, singing, and skits. I am currently in the process (at this very moment even) of uploading video snipits of most of the performances to my video site at www.vimeo.com/inHishands so look for them soon, plus I’ve already uploaded pictures from the event at http://www.emptyhandedbutalive.shutterfly.com/ I hope you enjoy them. We all had a blast.


Melissa said...

i dont know how many of you missionaries there are, or if there are any men, but this is a really cool skit (i think!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyheJ480LYA

Melissa said...

dont know if it all would make sense to the kids or everything, but the theory of it all is darn cool