I finally have an address of my very own:

Erin Welton
Suite 535
Private Bag X11340
Nelspruit 1200
South Africa
It's in South Africa and my box should be checked at least once a month since someone from the base usually goes out to Nelspruit every few weeks or so. It takes around 4-6 weeks for packages to get from the States to us. Note: your package may be opened by the missionary picking it up so that it can be distributed among suitcases and safely taken back across the border to Mozambiqe. Word of Caution: when mailing packages the post office will ask you to list what is in it and give it a value....listing anything of value such as dvd's, cd's,ect or listing the value as high increases the amount of customs I have to pay on it when recieving it and increases the chance that someone else might find that they would like what ever is in the package instead of allowing me to be blessed. We haven't had too many problems with packages not making it, but you always have to err on the side of caution here. I look foward to snail mail and fun packages. Thanks to everyone that has shown me so much love and support over these last few months!

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