New plan for Dionisio

I’m back from South Africa and came home to a sweet smiley Dionisio who STILL has his naso-gastric feeding tube in.  I heard that he pulled it out (again) in defiance over the wkend and protested upon it being put back down…but he still refuses to let any form of food get anywhere near his mouth.  We have all looked and so far there is NOTHING in his mouth to see that should be causing him pain, he has been on allergy medicine for a week almost and reflux medications for 5 days now without any improvement.  So, I’m taking a new approach….we are going to buy lots of different kinds of baby food (Fruits, veggies, ect) and try a different kind every day at all the daytime feeds…we are going to play with our food…he loves his hands and fingers so that’s where it’s going. He can play with the spoon…..make a mess…I don’t care…I just want him to find SOMETHING of a food-like substance that he likes that we can get him to put into his mouth….we are going to try cup feeding and sippy cups as well! 


Now, I know at this point a few of you are recalling that he’s not quite 9 months and you’re a little scared at my plan of introducing all kinds of foods and a different one each day, and gasp…sippy cups.  First…we’re in AFRICA.  2nd….i know you don’t want to hear it, but almost all of our under 2’s are on some sort of peanut product (yes, even peanut butter) to beef them up, including my 5 month old, and not a one of the kids on the center has a peanut allergy (out of 350 kids).  I will make my own baby food if I could just get the kid to eat.  He is getting the royal treatment at the moment.  Anyway, my point is we’ve been at this for 2 weeks and the kids not progressing.  At least he’s not sick anymore and we are ALL very very thankful for that, but I think a few of us would like a really good night’s sleep without having to wake up every 4 hours to feed him.  Please continue to pray for us, that we find something that works and that he will stop this “food is bad” nonsense!  Also, we are going to “mark” a ear/nose/throat- GI(gastro-intestinal) doctor appointment just in case (which means that sometime in the next month (hopefully) we’ll go for the consult!)    Thanks again for all those praying and sending me encouraging emails.  I’m well rested after my 3 nights away and ready for Dionisio to bunk with me again starting tomorrow night.  I am very thankful for each of you.  Keep the prayers coming!

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