Updates and more prayers for Dionisio

OK, sorry for no updates on Dionisio yesterday.  It is simply cause I didn’t have any.  But now I do and it requires even more prayer.  They sent him home this afternoon with just a simple explanation of pneumonia, less than 3 days of IV anitibiotics.  They did not give him any iv fluids so he is just as dehydrated if not worse now as he was when we took him in.  He has been on so many antibiotics that he know has thrush in his mouth so even if he had the energy to eat, he won’t.  But he doesn’t cause the tia’s just been syringe feeding him the entire time in hospital as he wouldn’t take any by bottle.  So now I have him on even more antibiotics and medicine to treat his thrush as well.  His eyes are sunken and so is his fontanel and he still doesn’t want to eat.  We syringe fed him when he came home at 4p and when I did the same at 8pm tonight I only fed him half his bottle and he threw it all up immediately….all over him, all over me, all over my clean bed….oh the joys.  So an hr later I syringe fed him just a little mistura (an electrolyte rehydrating formula mixed with water for severe dehydration and they use it  a lot here) and he kept it down.  So I did the same 30 min later….Then the other erin and I decided since he would barely wake up it was ngt time (a tube that goes in his nose and down to his stomach)  So 45 min later, I fed him even more mistura by tube and he slept threw it like a champ.  Now I’m off to catch a quick nap and at midnight I’m going to give him even more mistura…I’m hoping to be able to drag this out to at least every 3 hrs cause I’m beyond exhausted and I’m on in the baby house all weekend and I have him all night tonight!  So we have no answers.  I still hear an even louder murmur when I listen to his heart, he looks horrible, and although they drew all the labs I wanted them to, I don’t have any of the results as the doctors are the only ones with that info in this country and you as a non doctor don’t really need to worry yourself with that information…..so.  We might just be going to a private clinic in the am for some lab work.  Prayers for him, prayers for me!  Prayers for wisdom to know what to do!  I’ll write more tomorrow when I’m coherent!  Sorry.  Thanks for all the prayers.




Amy said...

Prayers are most definitely being sent your way. While we miss you at Vandy, you are truly doing awesome work for God! Your strength inspires me! Take care of yourself and those precious babies!

erin said...

thanks amy! I miss vandy too...ok well, all the tiny peanuts and all you girls....i was ready for a change at the time. All my strength comes from Him along with any knowledge and wisdom I possess from time to time cause I know it's not of me. I haven't seen some of this stuff since nursing school....Thanks for the prayers!