Forever Home

Guess who has a forever home???
ELIANA!! Yeah. She has been with us since she was 3 weeks old and now she'll be 9 months on Oct. 5th. She was abandoned with a neighbor and we have never found any family. She is adorable and quite healthy. She has absolutely NEVER been sick, which in the baby house is quite an accomplishment. She even survived March and April unscathed when all the kids where getting deathly ill with GI bugs and malaria. We believe God has big plans for this little girl. She has quite the personality, is slightly demanding, and very strong willed. She’s about to start crawling any day now and eats like a champ! (She loves food..any kind). She has the biggest smile and love to play!

Her adoptive mom, Amelia, is a receptionist here at Iris for us on this base and she fell in love with her immediately. It has taken quite some time for the courts to agree as she is a single mom and didn’t have a house (she was living with her mother and father and has a 3 or 4 year old boy of her own). It’s quite easy for a married Mozambican couple with a house and a steady income, but not for any one else. Amelia comes and visits almost once a day to check in on her and has been taking her home for weekends at least once a month for the past few months. Eliana really likes her. Anyway, we are all REALLY EXCITED that Eliana is being adopted (cause this practically never happens to our kids as there is usually some family that just simply doesn't want to or can't take care of them, but doesn't want anyone else to either)! She left today to go live with Amelia and we hope for many visits in the future. Amelia will have her for a 6 month trail basis where the courts will visit her at least once and check in on her. If everything’s good then it will be official! Prayers for the new family.

Also we have another little boy that is 3 that has a family trying to go through the process of adopting him as well…no specifics until it’s final, but be praying that his forever family goes through as well…he’s a special little boy and they are a great family!

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