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Well he’s officially back in the BH.  We let him go 24 hours (starting yesterday) to see how much he would take by mouth as a trial run and today we (he) pulled his tube….he started taking occasional bottles Sunday for the Tias (and only the tias…never from me, the other Erin, or Tracey), but not consistent or enough volume to pull the tube.  After Erin and I’s consensus and a strong talking to with the Tia’s we decided that he’s taking just barely enough to take everything by mouth.  We had to stress to them that he HAS to eat and eat a certain amount (I threatened them yesterday with the if he doesn’t eat enough when he’s scheduled to eat, you’ll just have to try again in 2 hours for the rest of the volume trick….I think it motivated them a little).  And last night for the first time in 3 weeks he stayed in the BH all night with the Tias feeding him by bottle only!  Hooray Dionisio!  He was VERY happy when I walked in to see him today (without any tape or ngt on his face)!  That’s more like it.  Now he still doesn’t want soup or papino, so we’re offering baby food-apples, and just getting him to take whatever he wants for the time being.  So we still have no answers but we are keeping him on reflux and allergy meds for the time being and will see how it goes.  We are still trying to get a consult with a GI specialist for a follow-up.  On the developmental front:  right as he was getting sick he learned how to roll from his stomach to his back  cause he detests being on his stomach (I’ve all but given up on getting him to roll the other way cause he hates his stomach…how do you convince him to roll to it??)  Also, in the last day or so I’ve gotten him to “sit” in the tripod position for about 4-5 seconds….it’s progress, but his arms are weak cause I can’t get him to lay on his stupid belly!  Anyway, he just made 8 months yesterday!!!!  One day, he’s going to sit up and then we’ll work on crawling….



He’s still spiking fevers in the hospital as of yesterday afternoon and is really tired but doing well.  They just have him on IV amoxicillin and paracetamol (their version of Tylenol).  They said yesterday he will probably be there till at least Saturday.  We are not holding our breaths.  So, no real change, except I think his fevers aren’t quite as high as they were on Tuesday here.

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