#7 is Adilson

We're going for some kinda record here....7 news kids in the BH in 7 days. Also, we have had a total of 19 new kids in the center in the same amount of time. Praise God for bringing us His children and letting us take care of them. We are blessed....and very full!

Meet Adilson, our newest addition. He arrived Wednesday. He turned 2 years on Monday. His dad is a man from Pemba , but noone knows him. His mom died recently from AIDS. His aunt was taking care of him, but her husband did not want him in the house....also they were very scared of him and afraid that he would give them HIV. They made him stay outside 24 hours a day and made him eat off the floor for fear that if they ate out of the same cups and bowls as him, they would catch it. He was taken to be tested a day before he we brought him in....He is hiv + and slightly malnourished. We will be taking him to be retested and hopefully started on medications. Right now we are just loving on this precious baby and praying over him! We are blessed to have him and know we found him in time-to start feeding him appropriately, to love him as he is meant to be loved, and to give him good medical care and treatment for HIV. If it was a few months later, he may not be so well off. We are very thankful for HIS timing.
As for me, I'm still waiting on word about exact dates to be home-prayers please and I will be taking a respite this friday-monday with 3 other missionaries at a nearby beach. I am praying for restoration, peace, rejuvenation, refreshment, and the outpouring of HIS love while I am there. I'm parched. I hope to be seeing everyone soon and that the next update is to tell you when I'll be home.....till then.....

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Courtney said...

he is precious!! I wish I could come back and love on him!! give him a hug from me!!