Feliz Ano Novo!

First, I have just finished watching a video that is pretty amazing. It is a video another missionary that I work with made, documenting her last year here at Zimpeto. I urge you to hop over to her site right now and watch it (click on Nancy-Zimpeto on the right side-bar). You won't be disappointed!

Well, Happy New Year everyone!!!! Feliz Ano Novo! We celebrated with a little over 100 children here at the center as all the others went home to some sort of family for this holiday. I know you are thinking, that's a third of your kids.....it's hard to explain, but not all of them are true orphans. They are just orphaned in other aspects. We all really enjoyed blessing these kids that had no where else to turn to celebrate another year God is giving them. Here are some of the pictures of the nights events to help explain our celebration!

Almost 3 month old Lucilia and I shared a good laugh.

I introduced the new swing complete with lights, music, pooh & piglet pull toys, and a battery operated swinging mechanism bought with money ya'll donated! Lucia likes it. Whoo hoo. They all do.

Chefe Dionisio ate all his food for lunch....and i occasionally stretch the truth. He moved it around in his mouth until he got tired of it and spit every spoon full out. And this for all the hard work I've been putting in to MAKE him and Lucia baby food. Stinker.

After dinner, we all gathered in the prayer hut and watched a funny movie and then cartoons later as they had a late night snack.

Then, there was bead making;

writing of goals for 2009;


face painting;

the marshmellow game (aka chubby bunny);

the making and decorating of celebration hats;


hot potato;

and the pass the ball without your hands game.

We grilled sausages and handed out refrescos (soda) for all the kids a little before midnight.

And then, we shot off fireworks at midnight. Some of the kids enjoyed them....others were petrified as it brought back some terrifying memories for them.

Feliz Ano Novo!

Happy New Year!

I pray you will allow God to do amazing things through you to further His kingdom in the coming days and that you open your hands and fully recieve all the blessings He wants to rain upon you. He is good and wonderful and I'm personally thankful I've been given the opportunity to start another year serving Him! Praise God!


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Good blog.
Gostei muito

Brooklyn said...

Sweet pics, Erin! Glad things are going well. Way to stick with it on the baby food for the "stinker." Miss you but keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.