Criancas Novas (new kids)

So here's a picture montage of all the new kids we received last week:




Antonio (but we are calling him Antonino)

The above 5 came from another center really close to us. Our directors and a few other missionaries here have been praying for this center and to have these kids for 3 years now. We have recieved around 7 children from them in the past for medical reasons and God allowed us to keep these kids-they were treated very badly, not taken care of or fed properly and were very sick when we got them. Well, there's a new director at that center who has a heart to clean it up and make it into a center just for disabled adults. This is such a blessing as we really need that here. He has fired most of the staff and hired new. He is closing to all the children and we are recieving most all of them. We took in 12 last week. The above 5 came to us in the BH. Now we don't know most of their ages, but as they ran around all unruly and did as they pleased at the other center. We are kinda stabilizing them here and allowing them to adjust, get good medical care, and a steady supply of food! I found blood in almost all of their ears. Anita's was filled-both of them.....hmmmm......Antonino had a whooping heart murmur and I'm awaiting a heart consult at the private heart hospital in town for him. Aldo has CP and is around 3. He's always happy and cheery. He cannot sit up on his own, feed himself, or even crawl. We have a long ways to go with him! We are not sure yet how long they will stay in the BH as they are between 4-6 years. Some maybe a few weeks, some a few months....only time will tell in how they are adjusting. There are 3 in the BH and 1 in Tracey's that used to live at this center and they all remembered each other....it has stirred up some bad memories for a few of them and it's definately a transition period for all.

To make room for them....Nilton and Sam moved on up to Tracey's house, Yuran to Vella's house (a small house for a few younger boys that need some extra TLC), and Joao went straight to Laura's dorm (The youngest boys camarata).

This next boy is named Jose. He is 2ish, but looks like a 3 year old. He has 2 other sisters and an older brother here at the center with him. Their mother died in December and their father is unable to care for an 8, 6, 4, and 2 year old by himself. We are taking them for a time as he gets himself settled and they grow a little older. Jose is so cute when he gets to see his brothers and sisters again! They are precious.

Please pray for these little ones and the staff taking care of them as they transition to a new home and form new friendships with all the other BH tots. Also, I am awaiting the arrival of a very sick little 2 year old today that will probably go straight into the hospital. I will give more details when I recieve him and assess him and find out the whole story, but please begin praying for him.

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