My calendar in PENCIL

Ok, so i've penciled out a tentative plan for my time home....more like where I'll be and when. Now to fill in the days is another story. I operate on a first invite, first go basis. No bribes accepted. Look at the dates below (note: all other time will be spent in SC with my family and friends in that area/driving distance).

Feb. 2: Leave Maputo in an aeroplane. :)
Feb. 3: Arrive very safely but stupidly tired in Atlanta at 8:30am (i don't sleep on planes....19 total hours in the air).
Feb. 13-22: Nashville
Feb. 22: Maybe crash in Birminham for the night...Audry??
Feb. 23-27: Mandeville, LA
March 6-8: Family only time
March 10: Leave for London as 11:50p from ATL
March 11-15: London with Jackie.....praying for a 1 year Mozambican Visa
March 15: Leave for Maputo in another giant aeroplane.
March 16-August 26th: Maputo, Mozambique

I am reserving the right to change this at any time.....note it is typed in pencil. it's the first rough draft......just saying.

Also, if you have a small Bible Study group, ect that you would like me to come share at, I'd love to. I don't do huge groups. I just don't. Major stage fright, but I love smaller groups. Also, I love coffee. I am looking foward to many dates with many friends to share yummy food, time, and good company; catching up on your lives and sharing what God's been doing here in Mozambique. Email me with dates, times, availability, ect.

Oh I really can't wait. Thanks for all the prayers you have lifted up for me in the past 8 months, but especially these last 2 harder months. I am indebted beyond belief. Please begin praying over these prayer requests:
  • My last days here as I prepare everything for my abcess and those that will be covering my area and responsibilities
  • planning out my time out home and how it will be spent; how I can glorify God in this
  • for rest and refreshment while I'm at home
  • for health and safe travels throughout
  • adjustment to the Western world and life at home
  • for the words to share my experiences, what I've seen, what He's placed on my heart, and the hurts I've seen
  • the short video I'm preparing to help show the ministry I've been doing here in Mozambique

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