Coming Home

Oh I'm so excited....so finally my tickets are finalized and I will be back in the States on Feb. 3rd. Let the cheering commence! So I don't have much time to plan the time I'll spend at home, but I know that everything will fall into place. I will start pencilling in things tomorrow and send out emails trying to detail things asap! Thanks to all of you who have been praying over all these details and tickets. I really appreciate it! The tentative plan is to be there until March 10ish....I will be booking my tickets back in a day or so....

And, I'm back from the beach and refreshed for the small number of days I have left until my time at home! I will have pictures soon, but it was a sweet, quiet, restorative time! Thanks for all the prayers surrounding this weekend.

I cannot wait to share everything that God has been doing here in Mozambique. Please pray with me as I'm planning my time at home-for clarity, wisdom, and discernment and how the time she be spent. Also, that He'll give me grace in these last few days!