Feliz Aniversario! (Happy Birthday)

Happy Birthday!
Guess who's ONE YEARS old??!!??

Dionisio! (ps...those are tears of joy, of course! and NO! i did not do his hair...the tias did as they said it was his special day....just thought i would clarify now!)

And, guess who's still not crawling or standing without you supporting his entire full body weight? This one's easier now....Dionisio! But he is laying on his belly and pushing up and holding up his head and reaching for objects. And he can sit, unsupported, and play and reach for objects. He does also attempt to play my games when i make him put his feet on the ground and try to stand or jump. He's doing a million times better and has not been sick one day since moving to the Bercario (Praise God!)....subtract out days for teething...he hates teeth. So we had a birthday party for him. He's teething. He was moody, scared, and quite frightened by all the hoop-lah! at one point, he started shreeking and shaking......poor boy! anyways, he's 1 yr now and we're excited by his progress even if he is really far behind.

Thanks for the glasses Jessica! He hates sunglasses. Is anyone suprised.

Look who's half smiling for the camera....I swear someday, i WILL get him to smile on film He really does smile and laugh and play and go crazy. Just NEVER when a camera is around. It's like a switch he flips the minute he sees one. Stinker.

Still trying to get the glasses off his head.....Also, let's all note the size of these babies (from L to R): Lucia is 10 months. Dionisio is 1 year. Lucilia is 4 months. Lucilia is the NORMAL and appropriate sized child. Also, D, just looks like a big baby, he is the size of a 1 yr old when you make him stand up and act like a big boy. He just hates you for it.

All the tias (minus 1) that work in the Bercario. They LOVE these babies and were so excited to celebrate. They are very proud of each of the progress the tots make and can't wait to tell you about it. It's too sweet.

Cutting the cake. It's a tradition-don't give me nasty comments about big knives and small babies. i know, i feel the same way. they don't understand. you must cut all the cake on your birthday or special celebration day, even if you are a baby. no exceptions. ps, i look like death, because 10 minutes after this picture i stumbled into my bed and didn't move for the next 2 days. i have witnesses. I was miserable. i'm just a good faker. i was about to die. i actually thought i might at one point. (no worries, i'm much much better now!)

Look who is LOVING his birthday cake....or hating me for making him eat it. Don't worry, he won't need counseling for THIS....other things, i'm sure, but in the end, he ate about 5 bites before refusing it with his hand and shaking of the head. You HAVE to eat your birthday cake, you just have to. it's kinda obligatory. :) and yes, lucilia really wanted some of this cake (can't you tell-she's the GOOD eater)....and yes, i gave her a taste of the iciing.

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