what's in a name??

Ok, here's to hoping that a semi-deadly disease I make fun of this week doesn't turn out to be the next pandemic....in my defense, it has only documentably affected a few hundred people worldwide.  also, I'm not a prophet, or psychic.  But here's a few diseases that made me laugh this week (and part of last week):
  • pseudorabies in wild pigs....as if they weren't having the worst week already, they have to have a sorta kinda disease that isn't good enough to get a real name of it's own...it has to stick with just kinda like an already known disease called rabies.  sorry swine.
  • South Africa is claiming that their apiaries now have american foul brood.....guess that's one more country that doesn't like us...bonus points to the one who knows what a apiary is without looking it up...or googling it.
  • poor namibian cows have lumpy skin disease...I wonder what the symptoms of that one are....
  • in the UK, you can now get a vaccination for the louping ill.....well, for your sheep anyway.
  • if you love bats...you too could go to the 2nd international berlin bat meeting....no not the 2nd international meeting about bats that is being held THIS year in berlin....there's so much cool stuff to chat about that berlin is making it an annual experience.  count me out.  I hate bats.
  • bad news for coffee (but I'm still drinking it and I don't care WHERE it came from)...Tanzania's coffee plants have the dreaded....berry disease.  do coffee plants have berries??  the answer, yes they do, and flowers too...oh and my favorite part....the beans.  dang the coffee berry disease for killing 80% of their crop!
  • and last but not least, the poor alpaca in France have Blue tongue disease.  poor alpaca.  all sheep and cows are now being vaccinated.  but not the alpaca.  sad day. 
ok, I promise the next post will have something relevant to why I'm here or my cute kids...I've been a little too busy to post on important matters this week, but praise God!  I've remained healthy this week.

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