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I don't have an update on Addie today....status quo I guess.  Still in the ICU.
Today the twins left us.....they loaded them in a car and took them back to live with the neighbor/finally copped to being the grandma but noone believes her/really big liar/person.  She came in to the nursery all flat affect and grumpy and just sat there and didn't say a word.  It makes me so angry.  She does not want these babies.  The whole time the two tias on shift in the bercario huddled in the corner looking all sad.  I prayed over Carolina and then Mario, picked them each up, snuggled them, and gave them both kisses.  The grandma person didn't even want to hold the baby....the reintegration tias had to make me give her the baby.  One of our tias kept saying over and over in Portuguese, but mana Erin these are our babies, they're our babies.  They need to stay here. they are our babies.  Then she said, I'll take them to my house and keep them.  Then in the midst of the dramatic departure, the three musketeers-Dionisio, Latifo, and Lucia who had previously been asleep woke up and took in the scene.  Dionisio watched me give the babies over to the mean grandma person and all the strange reintegration team and then them start to leave with all the milk, medications, diapers, clothes, pacifiers ect we sent home with them and he started getting really angry and screaming at them.  It was really cute and sad all at the same time.  He just kept crying and crying and then Lucia and Latifo started in......there weren't too many dry eyes in the house after that!  So off they went with the reintegration team.  They went back to the zone they live in to meet with the head people in charge there and give them all the information on these babies, how to take care of them, all their appointments and consults and everything.  I'm still praying really hard that this neighbor person will give in and just bring them back to us.  She has lied so much to us, over and over.  It's a different story each and every time.  We kinda get the impression that she's probably not the grandma and is being pressured by other community members into saying this to try to get money or whatever from us.  It's really really sad, because Carolina and Mario are the ones that are going to suffer.  We're saving a spot for them on the milk program so that they can come back every 2 wks and be seen by a doctor, have appointment reminders, and get medications and milk for free.  They are due to return in 2 wks.  I pray that if they don't come back to live with us the least they will do is come be part of the milk program so we can keep tabs on them and their health!  Please continue to pray for this situation.  I'm still processing it tonight.

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