late update on Addie...more tomorrow!

last minute update on addie...the tia with her in the hospital called tonight to tell us that Addie has gotten worse tonight.  She is having problems breathing.  They put her back on oxygen and putting a feeding tube back in her nose.  Apparently she's thrown up blood at least once tonight as well.  Don't know more details.  Will go personally to see her tomorrow!  Please pray hard for her today (which is through most of the night for us as we're 6 hrs ahead of eastern time zone!!)  It's good news if her condition really is unchanged (per my assessment on Sunday) but they are finally figuring out that they should help her.  It's not so good news if she's gotten so bad that they have HAD to do this to help her!  So Anna and I will go to the city tomorrow and hug and snuggle and give kisses and hold and pray over Addie for the short time they'll let us and then I'll teach the tia to use a bulb syringe and how to do some chest physio and help addie out!  Oh how my heart is breaking for this little tyke.
In twin news...they are still here at the moment...and we've gotten the ELISA results back.  They are positive as well.  These are not definitive results but they are more accurate than the rapid screen.  We won't get the other results back for almost 2 months.  We are taking them for a consult tomorrow at the HIV clinic unless anything happens before they leave at 8:30 am and in the meantime we're praying hard for their situation! 
oh how heavy my heart is right now!  I know He is bigger than these things.  These children are His and are in His hands.  I trust Him with them as He created them, breathed life into them, and brought them into being.  Just wish I could do more at the moment.  I'm learning in these moments it's all I can do to pray!  Thanks for joining me.

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