Prayers for Addie

update on addie goes a little something like this.....
She is only having diarrhea a few times a day now.  but clearly, still having it.  vomiting still a little.  still having fevers.  and finished her 3rd round of antibiotics intravenously yesterday.  clearly without any improvement.  they did a gastric aspirate since her tb skin test was negative (which is pretty normal for her baby her age and any hiv + kid) and they can't see anything on her xray (which is also super normal for a hiv + kid and any kid of her size/age) and (I think) the aspirates of her two lymph nodes came back negative.  which is still suprising.  the moz doctor covering her at the hospital spoke with another one of our missionary nurses and a doctor from the HIV clinic addie goes to that went over and she is still expecting her to be tb positive.  I say start the darn medicines.  not my call at the moment.  her cd4, which is tells us about how her immune system is looking, is FABULOUS....so we know that while she still may end up being HIV positive (remember you can be sure till around 18 months), it is noy the HIV that is hurting her at the moment....which points back to opportunistic infections of TB and fungal infections.  We are still waiting on her PCR which looks at the actual viral load in her body, telling us whether she just has antibodies due to the exposure to her mom's HIV status or whether she has active HIV in her system, floating around, and replicating.  It takes close to 2 months to get back....so we're still waiting.  This will help determine whether she needs to be started on ARV's since her CD4 looks so good.  so basically??  no change.  we're still waiting on results.  I'm losing my patience.  scratch that.  I lost my patience.  Still praying! 

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Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for this precious angel. Wish I could scoop her up and take her to Vanderbilt today!! Blessings, Erin. Suzanne Kroeker (from Fellowship Bible)