Prayer request for the new twins: Mario and Carolina!

I don't have an update on Addie today, but hopefully will tomorrow.  I'm sending the HIV nurse tomorrow to check in on her and bring things...mainly a bulb syringe and knowledge.  I'm having her teach the tia there to do chest physiotherapy where you put the kid head down on their belly and beat on their back to help break up her secretions and mobilize them (hopefully) up and out of her lungs and into a nasal or mouth passage...which is where effective bulb syringing comes in......to remove the ickyness!  I pray this will help and that's she's getting better and better each and every moment!  Please continue to pray for her.
Today this prayer request though is for our new twins Mario and Carolina.  If you haven't read their really sad story then scroll down to my May 12th post.  Well, I have more sad heartbreaking news that demands urgent prayers.  First a few updates since that post.  We tested them for HIV and unsuprisingly they were positive which only means that they were exposed to mom's virus.  We are waiting for the results of a better HIV test called the ELISA that was sent off to SA (we're hoping to have it back today) and the best test we can do here called a PCR which takes 2 months.  This test measures the actual viral count in the baby's blood and tells us whether they have just been exposed or whether the viruses are swimming around in their little bodies and replicating over and over.  We're treating them with a preventative antibiotic to keep them from getting random infections and watching them carefully until we get the PCR back.  In the meantime they seem healthy and are gaining weight now that they are being fed appropriately.  They really look good this week.  We had a Mozambican couple that has been waiting a year for babies and they work for us.  They really wanted to adopt these two babies.  They have visited frequently, holding them, taking pictures, cooing over them, feeding them.  This isn't going to be able to happen.  The neighbor that reportedly had been taking care of the twins because the family could not and was unable to continue doing so, who had contacted us to take the kids has been visiting and saying she's the grandmother.  When told yesterday by reintegration that the kids were going through the process of adoption since we had signed papers giving them up by the family, she kept quiet.  Then she went to the social welfare office and claimed we were trying to adopt out these kids when she, as the now claiming to be grandmother, doesn't want them adopted out.  We got a nasty phone call from social welfare....this can be very very bad for us.  More importantly, this can be very very bad for these kids.  The family clearly has documentable mental issues and doesn't want these kids....but we don't have a choice at the moment, and are going to try to place these kids back with their family. 
I'm preparing everything for them for the next 2 wks (milk, antibiotics, and multivitamins).  We want them to be on our milk program and come see the doctor every 2 wks so that they can get free milk, have weight checks, and be seen by a doctor so that they can stay healthy and have all their HIV needs followed.  Unfortunatley we'll probably never see them again once they leave the center as this family seems very unstable.  But we can pray.  I'm praying that when we go back to the family today and tell them that we are giving them the babies back that they will REFUSE to take them and that we will have to keep them!  Maybe we can give them a forever home with a forever family, but we can at least keep them here happy, healthy, and loved!  I'm praying the family will just drop their claims as they are just trying to use this for money and issues as they see us a ministry with money run by the white people.  They cannot care for these children and I fear for their safety if they go home back to the situation we pulled them from.  Now we are just waiting and trying to sort it all out.  They could be gone as early as today.....Please pray with me that this kids will be healthy and safe and protected no matter the outcome!  Please read the original situation these little tykes where in on my blog because this is where they will be returning and pray over Mario and Carolina.

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