Out of the mouth of babes (aka on a lighter note)

first one to guess the song correctly wins 10 points.  first one to 1000 gets a cookie.  hand made by me.  just one.  I'll mail it to you.  you'll get it in about 6 wks.  it will be moldy and crumby.  sorry, but that's the game.  leave your answers in the comments. 
Song #1:
no, no, no new but
nently done ne seam
memily memily memily memily
knife nis but na neam
how bout this one??
Song #2
nif ner nappy an new no it cap na nands
nif ner nappy an new no it cap na nands
nif ner nappy an new no it
nin nor face will sosy so it
nif ner nappy an new no it cap na nands
my toddlers like to sing stupid barney songs.  he sings songs in english.  they don't know english.  they only know and speak portuguese.  it's all just jibberish to them anyhow.  but they like to sing the songs barney sings too. so they mimic what barney the giant stupid purple dinosaur says in his weird stupid muffled voice.  I hate barney.  it makes for hysterical moments when they burst out into spontaneous song.  the only way I can figure out what they are singing is because of the tune.  you don't get the tune.  you just have to figure it out by the words.  good luck.  hint:  neither of them are his worst song of all (I love you), although, they sing that one too.


Amy said...

I speak toddler all day at home...I should be good at this!

#1 Row, row, row your boat!

#2 If your happy and you know it...

I too despise Barney. Nick Jr gets old after a while too! Do you have a way for them to watch videos, or just CDs? I might be able to find you some new things to listen to!

Courtney said...

yeah... amy's got it... is there a 2nd place prize that I could win?!!? How about a trip to come see you?

erin said...

Amy wins! 20 points total for her...you only need 980 more for that homemade cookie....

They also "know" Twinkle Twinkle, Old MacDonald, and Jesus loves me in "English". The best part is when the ADULT tias join in and sing along with them....singing the SAME words. it's just not toddler speak, it's i don't know english and can't understand Barney speak.

Amy-yes, they watch dvd's after dinner and during bathtime. Most are in Portuguese since it's what they speak, but we have a few disney cartoons and Barney in portugese. Veggie Tales anyone...please....send me something better than Barney!! :)

Courtney...yes, you get 5 points for each song. 10 points total for you. and 124736859836470200 more points and you too can win a FREE trip to see me. but don't hold your breath. :)